The Arctic is Your Hometown


The Arctic Is delivers an urgent message from Inuit hunter Jens Danielsen to the world.  It was filmed in Paris during the monumental climate talks in 2015 and right after the devastating attacks in the city that are only a harbinger of the chaos to come … unless we act.

Jens tells us that the extreme changes in climate he is seeing now will affect people around the world as clearly as the Inuit culture of northern Greenland. We are not separate; we are connected.   The Arctic is Paris.  The Arctic is Des Moines.  The Arctic is Nairobi.  The Arctic is Beijing.  The Arctic is Aleppo.  The Arctic is ____ your town.



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The Arctic Is
A film by Mel Chin

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About the Project

The artist Buster Simpson conceived The Rising Waters Con-Fab for the Rauschenberg Residency in Captiva Island, FL. Writer Gretel Ehrlich put forward the need to have an Inuit message delivered in Paris at the COP21. After a collective discussion, the film : The Arctic Is, was put forward by the artist Mel Chin. Chin, Edward Morris and The Canary Project raised the funds and produced the film.  Other credits for the film as follows:

Direction: Mel Chin & Tim Sternberg
Production: Corrine Weber, Helen Katherine Nagge, Philippe Dugay, The Canary Project
Concept & Message: Mel Chin, Gretel Ehlich & Jens Danielsen

The film was made with generous support from:

The Compton Foundation
South Texas Charitable Trust
Josephine Merck
Matthew Cushing
Kathleen Barksdale
Suzanne Deal Booth Revocable Trust
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Molly Kemp

Director of Photography: Ben Premeaux
Sound: Regis Muller
Music Performed by: Uummannaq Children's Home & Ann Andreasen

Editor: Scott Lazer & Chip Schneider
Sound Editing: Chip Schneider
Animal Trainers: Catherine Collignon
Assistant Director: Delphine Bertrand
Prop Master: Chrissy Premeaux

Special thanks to:
Frances Beinecke
Emmanuel Ferrand
Randy Garrett
Marie-Louise Holm
Gabby Obremski
Tom Osterman
Linda Quinet
The Rising Waters ConFab
Robert Rauschenberg Foundation